About us

Fiver Rivers brand comes from the trusted house of Punjab Agro, a Punjab Government Undertaking. Punjab Agro was set up with the objective to add value to horticultural crops of Punjab and provide the farmers with an opportunity to sell their produce at competitive rates. Through Fiver Rivers, we seek to enliven the age-old metaphor of "field-to-plate" and encourage the habit of mindful eating and healthy living. We source fresh fruits, vegetables and grains directly from the farmers, with no intervention of middlemen. We process and package the sourced produce with utmost hygiene, into a range of Five Rivers products. A variety of field products (both organic and non-organic) is produced by stringent and high-quality methods with a real commitment to living upto your trust. The sheer freshness and flavor of fruits and vegetable can now be savored in the Five Rivers product range, which is a hallmark of purity and taste.

"When it comes to mindful eating, choose the best, choose FIVE RIVERS."

Punjab Agro provides the facility, traceability and transparency to organic produce:

To ensure complete organic transparency and best certificate level quality produce, Punjab Agro has joined hands with an IT portal to digitize the farmer database by giving access to technical know-how on crop planning and management, inputs, credit, post-harvest management, value addition and better market linkages. The centralized platform would help capture all relevant information through a simple mobile application and give dashboard based insights on the data captured. Having field-level monitoring capability, all the farm activities are captured in the system ensuring traceability of the entire value chain. Punjab Agro plans to bring along traceability in 20,000 acres of organic producing area in Punjab, bringing all relevant information of the farmer, plot and cropping season into a single platform under PAGREXCO’s project to intervene in Traceability. It will be pertinent to mention here the success of the Potato Seed Certification program, initiated last year to achieve the twin objective of traceability & transparency.




Enhancing economic return to the farmer through better farm connect


Enhancing business efficiency


Continuous improvement in product, process and manpower quality


Provide holistic support on health and wellness of all stakeholders by offering organic and healthy food products


Undertake product and process innovation for consumer delight


Develop organizational culture to induce integrity and belongingness acrossthe value chain


Promoting best practices to sustain environment


To be a globally recognized agri export organization that is led by sustainability, diversification technology and innovation to provide market linkage as well as promote agri business for enhancing the economic profile of the Punjab farmers.


Farmer Welfare
Health and wellness
Consumer Orientation


  • For the growing number of citrus lovers in the country, now quality and purity come in a form of branded fruit called Punjab Kinnow.
  • The launch of Punjab Kinnow by Fiver Rivers, the flagship brand of Punjab Agro, is in line with the company’s vision of inspiring a healthy society by marketing quality agricultural produce.
  • PAGREXCO has emerged as the front runner by introducing the first ever branded fruit of India.
  • Punjab Kinnow as a brand of fruit stands out from the other varieties in terms of hygiene, taste and quality.
  • Residue free Punjab Kinnow will soon be available in all leading retail outlets across with the brand seal on each fruit to help customers identify it