Kinnow Marmalade

Five Rivers Kinnow Marmalade enriched with the tangy flavor of pure Kinnows truly entices your taste buds. Kinnow (mandarin / citrus) fruit is handpicked from the gold mine of kinnow fruit and shreds of kinnow peels are also incorporated in Five Rivers Kinnow Marmalade to infuse the natural taste of kinnow. With high content of carbohydrates & rich in Vitamin C, this spread makes your breakfast exceptionally sumptuous & nutritious. Spread it on a fresh toast, paratha, add it in carrot cakes or glaze it on desserts, our kinnow marmalade can effortlessly infuse taste, flavor, and freshness into your cuisine.

Use a clean dry spoon / knife to scoop marmalade. The goodness of kinnow and its rich nutrient value is captured succinctly in this delicious marmalade. Its sweet-sour taste will tingle your taste buds making it a perfect partner with all your favorite dishes. Our Five Rivers Kinnow Marmalade will surely occupy a prized position on your kitchen shelf!

Packing: Glass jar bottle of 650 gms

Usage & Storage: Best before twelve months from the date of manufacturing. Store in a cool, dry & hygienic place.

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